My Approach: Soul Level Healing

How do we reclaim the essence and healing power of our Soul?

Our world is rapidly changing and now is the time to listen for guidance about who we truly are and how we can better relate to our world. This requires us to ask ourselves –

  • What are our values?
  • Are we living an authentic life that reflects these values?
  • Do we meaningfully participate in our world and if not, what stops us?

But how do we begin this process? How do we take action, stay focused in the present moment, and trust our internal guidance system…our Soul?

Physical and emotional manifestations of illness are rooted in a spiritual imbalance

If our desire is to return to a state of complete well being, we must locate the origin of our illness and address the problem at the Soul level: the injury done to our spirit, the energetic essence that animates our very being.

To do this we need to be in constant contact with our feelings in order to recognize the obstacles that stand in the way of our health and vitality. And then we act on what we find. We turn to healing channels that stimulate our energy and open our hearts.

In times of constant stress, chronic illness, and long time suffering, we feel disconnected from Source, from the joys of life, and we believe can’t find our way back. And it is then we must remember we can receive direct healing from the spirit realms and our Soul.

You are Divine and your Soul is in Charge

The lessons we choose to learn in this life come in different experiences, what we often call challenges or hardships. As we become enmeshed in the emotional dramas, physical difficulties, self-doubt and self-pity, we forget we are in the driver’s seat: our Soul has sought these experiences for our spiritual healing and growth.

Once we awaken to this truth, we move closer to our inherent powerful and loving nature. We remember that no matter what circumstances arise in this physical earth-life, the Soul is unscathed and is a gateway to:

  • the spiritual healing power available to us
  • compassionate spirits who cooperate with us to heal the root cause of our pain
  • heal soul traumas and release patterns of suffering without surrendering our power

These compassionate beings take many forms:

  • Angels and Archangels
  • Ascended Masters
  • Ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over are ready to assist us with life challenges
  • Nature Realms: the healing spirits of plants, animals, and minerals.

Mediumship: Direct communication with Spirit Entities

My own understanding of these truths came to me in January of 2004, when I journeyed to Brazil to see the world-renowned healer known as John of God where I learned I was a healing medium.  Up until that time I was a University professor, teaching and doing research in the field of medical sociology. I was unsure what being a medium entailed and quite frankly, the very word conjured images of crystal balls and séances. But when I put aside judgment and preconceived ideas about ‘how the world should work’, I learned to trust the power of my heart just as much as I trusted the power of my rational mind. I found I could directly communicate with the spirit realms and receive their guidance and messages.

I immersed myself in the study of alternative healing modalities: Mediumship, Shamanism, Reiki, Past Life and Spiritual Regression. I learned for myself that the spirit realms offer tangible assistance, true healing that works hand in hand with Western medicine. At last I was able to reconcile science and faith. I found that while the form of these healing channels differed, the energy healing was the same. No matter which healing modality was offered, a permanent, authentic healing took place.

I offer you the opportunity to experience this for yourself, to rise above your particular life circumstance and Reclaim your Soul’s healing power. I invite you to explore the various healing channels I offer and see which resonates with you. I ask you to cultivate the spiritual aspect of your self, put it to daily use, and make it an integral part of your life.

Allow me to help you remember the key to health and wholeness comes from aligning with the inherent power of your Soul.

“From the moment I spoke with Rosa I felt completely comfortable and at ease with her. She spent a generous amount of time with me during my free consult. I felt her presence immediately as she tuned into areas of my body that held tension and pain. She explained details of long distance healing and I booked right away.”

– S. Cantafio, Canada


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