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My Approach: Soul Level Healing

What does it mean to Reclaim your Soul’s Healing Power? What does it mean to look at disease or a constellation of symptoms and seek healing at the root level?

It begins with the premise that all illness is caused by a lack of harmony, a vibrational imbalance within ourselves. Our unresolved emotional issues– past or present- remain buried within our energetic field and feed this discordant energetic vibration. In order to heal, we must address the disturbances that keep our vibrational field in chaos. To return to a state of complete wellbeing, healing must address this problem at the Soul level: the injury done to our spirit, the energetic essence that animates our being. Each of us has the power to heal by going within, opening our hearts, dropping our energetic guard and defenses. This allows our consciousness to rise to a higher vibrational level, and begin to understand the harm we do to our soul when we ignore, repress, or tolerate this discord.

But in times of constant stress, chronic illness, and disease we can find it very difficult to come back into alignment, move into stillness and listen. We feel disconnected from the vibrancy of our soul, from the joys of life and we start to believe we will never find our way back. This is when people come across my path. As a spiritual channel I assist clients in finding their energetic realignment. I provide a safe and high vibrational space where you can receive healing directly from the spiritual realms. This brings remembrance of an authentic truth: You are Divine and your Soul is in charge.

Once we awaken to this truth, we move closer to our inherent powerful and loving nature. We begin to trust that no matter what circumstances arise in life, the Soul is unscathed and a gateway to:

  • spiritual energy healing readily available to us
  • compassionate spirits who cooperate with us to heal the root cause of our pain
  • heal soul traumas and release patterns of suffering without surrendering our power

These compassionate beings take many high vibrational forms:

  • Angels and Archangels
  • Ascended Masters
  • Ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over are ready to assist us with life challenges
  • Nature Realms: the healing spirits of plants, animals, and minerals.

“From the moment I spoke with Rosa I felt completely comfortable and at ease with her. She spent a generous amount of time with me during my free consult. I felt her presence immediately as she tuned into areas of my body that held tension and pain. She explained details of long distance healing and I booked right away.”

– S. Cantafio, Canada

As a healing medium, I offer clients channeled messages and healing energy directly from Source, in whatever form comes forward for each client. There is never any force as this is heart-centered healing, where I open to Source energy and maintain a strong and constant vibrational energy field to ensure each client feels safe as they open to receive, always at their own pace.

Since my own spiritual awakening in 2004, I have learned to put aside judgment and preconceived ideas about ‘how the world of healing should work’.  I’ve learned to trust the power of my heart just as much as I trust the power of my brilliant mind. My continual studies, training, and certifications in healing modalities such as of Mediumship,

 Shamanism, Reiki, Past Life and Spiritual Regression have shown me first hand that the spirit realms offer tangible assistance, authentic and permanent healing that works hand in hand with Western medicine.

I offer you the opportunity to experience this for yourself and rise above your particular life circumstance to Reclaim your Soul’s Healing Power. I invite you to explore my website and the spiritual healing services I offer to see which resonates with you. I look forward to helping you cultivate the spiritual aspect of yourself and make it an integral part of your life.

Allow me to help you remember the key to health and wholeness comes from aligning with the inherent power of your Soul.


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