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Channeled Energy Healing

A medium is someone who has the ability to communicate directly with the spirit realms


It’s like tuning a radio to a specific frequency. As a healing medium, I channel Source energy through my body, allowing it to be received by my client. This healing energy identifies the vibrational imbalance within a person’s energy field and the root cause of any disease or trauma(s). This soul-level healing allows us to understand our issues and heal for our highest good.

To receive information from the spirit realms, I engage in a dialogue of sight, sound, and direct perception. This means:


  • I see spirits and sense their energy via images, colors, and scenes. It’s like watching a movie that tells a story a client needs to know or has experienced.
  • I hear spirits speak to me and perceive ‘word blocks’: entire passages and thoughts enter my consciousness, which I then relay to my client.
  • I receive information by focusing on a person’s name. When I work with a client, whether in person or remotely, I feel pain in my body that corresponds to the exact location of pain in a client’s body.
Spiritual Energy Healing , John of God , & Soul Retrieval by Healing Channels st germain by susan seddon boulet - Channeled Energy Healing
Spiritual Energy Healing , John of God , & Soul Retrieval by Healing Channels ChannelHeal - Channeled Energy Healing

Energy healing sessions are 90 minutes. I channel and direct Source to restore vibrancy and well-being to a client’s energetic field.


I start with silent meditation for 30 minutes before preparing for the session. Once the session begins, I focus on your name until I strongly connect with your energetic field. I can sense your emotions and physical pain during the session, see images, and receive messages. Every client has a unique experience of this energetic healing. More sensitive or empathic clients feel heat and tingling, may see colors, and sense spirit beings assisting in the session. However, it is common for clients to feel safe and relaxed, drifting in and out of sleep during their session.

The sessions offer clients clarity and energetic ease as they return to spiritual alignment. The energy work seeks to address the root cause of all distortions: healing spirit-level imbalances and emotional and physical distortions that manifest in discomfort and illness. It is expected that energetic healing includes past life work, cutting family cords, spirit attachment release, healing ancestral lineage, releasing wounds and unhealthy habits, returning soul essence (either through a power animal or Soul Retrieval), and travel to Akashic records if necessary. Each session addresses what is presented in a client’s energy field at the soul level at the time of the session.

After each energetic healing session, I send clients an email containing a transcript and my comments. My comments highlight themes and help clients see patterns of what was done during the session.

Once a client has had time to read the session notes and my comments, I call for a follow-up. This 30-minute call allows clients to ask for clarification about the healing session notes.  During the call, we discuss the next steps in your healing journey.

It usually takes 3-4 weeks for clients to integrate the energy fully, and after that time, we schedule another session or any other work that may be needed.

Serious illness is a daunting task to face. Rosa listens with such genuine intention and responds with such love and compassion. Her powerful insight and energy has served as a crucial bridge between earth and spirit.

– A. Linden, NY

“After my sister passed I had a distance healing session with Rosa. Rosa told me my sister was “just fine” and she wanted me to “get on with my life”. What a comfort to hear one of my favorite people was “just fine” on the other side.”

– C. Farrell, OR

“Rosa channeled spirits that had crossed over. If I hadn’t experienced it myself firsthand, there is no way I would have believed it. The information was too intimate to be anything but communication with those who I dearly knew in this world that had crossed over into the next realm.”

– M. Rogers, NM

Why seek the assistance of a healing medium?

  • Direct communication with the spirit realms offers a more meaningful understanding of life after death and the importance of spiritual evolution
  • The information received during sessions offers clients a greater awareness of their soul lessons, soul groups, and soul contracts
  • To understand how our attitudes and behaviors contribute to our ailments; once this is understood we engage in healthy, proactive healing behaviors that create emotional, mental and physical well being.

Who seeks the assistance of a healing medium?

  • Clients who wish to heal the root cause of emotional and physical disease
  • Clients who wish to heal the root cause of unhealthy behaviors and habits
  • Clients who wish to utilize the healing power of their soul
  • Clients seeking to learn how to effectively use their intuition and other spiritual gifts
  • Clients who wish to further their spiritual development and strengthen their communication with spirit
  • Clients who wish to know their life’s purpose
  • Clients who wish to know their loved ones have safely crossed over and are at peace; who wish to receive messages from loved ones who have passed over
  • Clients who wish to develop their own abilities in communicating with their loved ones in spirit



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By visiting this website, scheduling a consultation or appointment, and or booking a session with Healing Channels /Rosa Haritos PhD, you understand and agree that Rosa Haritos PhD is a medical sociologist, healing medium, shamanic practitioner, but not a physician, psychotherapist, or other licensed professional. Her advice, healing sessions, workshops, are offered to supplement Western and Traditional medical protocols. Please consult your physician or other licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological conditions you may be experiencing. 

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