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Soul Retrieval

Illness as soul loss means that one’s life force is not available to her/him in the present moment because it is trapped in a loop of woundedness.

Our energy is caught in a past situation where we have experienced a trauma. In order to survive that experience we found it necessary to separate from that part of ourself in order to survive- what psychologists often refer to as disassociation. That essence -our soul part- may not be able to return or may not understand the threat is no longer present. We feel unable to move forward in our life because we do not have access to this essence and the spiritual gifts and skills associated with it. For lack of a better word, we feel stuck: unable to overcome obstacles and behaviors that keep us from being the best we can be.

  • The goal of soul retrieval is to revisit those places with the intention to
    heal the trauma
  • retrieve the soul pieces and recover your spiritual gifts
  • bring back a power animal, a spiritual ally, who teaches you how to use your gifts and move forward in life, moving out of old unhealthy habits and behaviors and establish healthy, joy filled, loving patterns of living
Spiritual Energy Healing , John of God , & Soul Retrieval by Healing Channels orca - Soul Retrieval
Spiritual Energy Healing , John of God , & Soul Retrieval by Healing Channels SoulRetrieval - Soul Retrieval

Preparation for Soul Retrieval begins with intense dream analysis.

Each night before the retrieval, you state your intention (aloud) of asking the Universe/Creator/Your Helping Spirits to remove from you any obstacles that keep you from being whole and complete; any obstacles that would keep you from receiving all soul pieces that are ready to return.

You record as much dream detail as possible in a weekly dream log, which may also include triggers that come up: an event, email, phone call, conversations, that evoke a very strong negative response. A client sends me a weekly log and I respond with a lengthy analysis of each dream. Once dreams show repeating patterns, wounds and issues a client is ready for the actual retrieval.

The Soul Retrieval itself is a two-and-a-half-hour session, where I drum until I have journeyed to all of the places I am shown and retrieve the pieces that are ready to be returned to you. Once this is complete, I may use my rattle to begin to seal in your energy. Once that is complete, the first words you hear are those of your healing story, a spiritual gifts recording. Afterwards, we journey to your power animal that will loan you the right and perfect medicine to use your gifts and skills in everyday life.

I have my clients call me two to three weeks after the retrieval and discuss what has changed in your life and what areas may still need to tweaking. Sometimes it is clear that all is well and no further work (with me) is required. Oftentimes, a second shamanic session is required to return to a power animal for further advise or suggestions as to how to better integrate the healing experience.

“My Soul Retrieval session was the most profound spiritual and emotional experience of my life. Rosa guided me through weeks of dream analysis and I felt reassured and supported at all times. Over a year has passed and my life continues to shift for the better: I feel hopeful, balanced, grounded and joyful.”

– J. Sottile, NY

During the preparation for my soul retrieval, things came up in dreams, just every day things that had not been on my “radar” in a long while. Rosa was so gentle and caring and brought back to me pieces that I did not know that I had lost and afterwards I felt a feeling of wholeness.

– C. Mortin, MD

For those clients who have experienced unusually difficult traumas, psychiatric hospitalization, or suicidal episodes, I recommend working with health care professionals such as therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists to further integrate the healing work begun with Soul Retrieval.

Soul Retrieval is a powerful life-changing process.

It is a cure, as the Spirits have returned to you the essence and gifts you had lost and forgotten. Now you are able to choose a different way of being, new and healthy ways to utilize your energy. I liken it to filling your car’s gas tank and then preparing to drive to new destinations, to navigate your life with joy, love, and vibrancy.


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