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Spiritual Counseling

Further Guidance for the Soul
Spiritual Energy Healing , John of God , & Soul Retrieval by Healing Channels devaheart - Spiritual Counseling

I offer spiritual guidance sessions for clients who continue to work with specific themes and healing issues that have come up in prior channeled energy sessions.

It is the client who sets the agenda here– depending on their current situation– in order to get a better handle on how to integrate prior spiritual work. These sessions offer the client further assistance in tweaking and integrating spiritual healing into everyday life. Spiritual guidance sessions do involve some level of energy healing such as clearing and realignment, or whatever else may be necessary.

These are channeled sessions and are specific to your current life circumstances. I am in trance when we speak but the session is interactive. The sessions offer clients greater clarity and insight, so they can continue to integrate and deepen their spiritual healing: spiritual guidance sessions are meant to further hone your spiritual skills and understanding.

Spiritual guidance sessions are a one hour Zoom call and do not include the detailed follow up notes of a channeled energy session. Clients may always email to ask if this is the right session for them.

“Rosa has such an ability to put you into a healing place so you can safely discuss any issues with her and feel them resolve internally and watch them resolve externally. It’s like doing two years of therapy within an hour. I couldn’t recommend spiritual counseling enough. “

– K. Murphy, CA


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