The Casa and Healing Entities

The Casa de Dom Inacio

The Casa de Dom Inacio, John of God’s healing sanctuary, was established in Abadiânia in 1979 and operates as a non-denominational spiritual center. The center is guided by the spirit of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Spanish Theologian and Founder of the Jesuits, and was chosen for its unique location upon a large and powerful geological crystal formation. The central building of the Casa is a large meeting hall where every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, people gather in group prayer as the work begins. On these days, people pass before John of God with their healing requests and are scanned by the Entities as they perform the necessary healing: some may be told they need spiritual surgery; others are told to sit and meditate in the current rooms; some receive a prescription for healing herbs; some are told to have crystal bed sessions or visit the sacred Casa waterfall. All are seen and receive exactly what they need. For some the healing is immediate and for others it takes time to unfold.

Spiritual Energy Healing by Healing Channels transhorz - The Casa and Healing Entities
Spiritual Energy Healing by Healing Channels transhorz - The Casa and Healing Entities

Sitting in the current rooms is an opportunity to open our hearts and connect to Source in whatever way we feel comfortable. Each person’s focus and prayers can be thought of as generating a strand of light: while in current these strands come together to form strong current of powerful energy. It is this current, or corrente in Portuguese, that the Entities of Light draw upon for healing. As we sit holding current we focus on love and the highest good for all. As Dr. Augusto de Almeida has commented,

‘Dom Inacio is the light that comes through. Faith and concentration move the energy to bring through the light. Dom Inacio oversees all the surgeries that take place at the Casa. He oversees and protects everything. You (all of us) make a circle of concentration through current that brings in the light for the practice of good.‘ **

** Excerpted from John of God  H. Cumming & K. Leffer, Atria Books 2007

The Healing Entities

Who are the healing Entities of Light? Why do they minister and offer cures to those who travel to the Casa de Dom Inacio?

The Entities of Light are beings who are devoted to offering healing to those who seek their help. There are many different Casa Entities, each with their own specialties, who offer us assistance in our personal healing journeys. These teams of spirits support us in understanding the root cause of our ailments and heal them in accordance with our highest good. Healing occurs based upon what a person asks for and the spiritual readiness of their soul. It is true that many who have incurable disease and long term illnesses come for miraculous healing. There have been many documentaries and scientific studies of the work done at the Casa, and it has been recorded that the healing rate is 85%. Whatever the reason – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or a combination of all, people come to the Casa de Dom Inacio year after year because the have experienced a profound healing experience, something that is palpable and tangible in their lives. As John of God continues to remind us, “It is not I who heals, only God heals. I am only an instrument in His Divine hands.”

The Entities that are channeled by John of God are often referred to as “the phalange of helping and loving spirits”. It is this group consciousness consists of a variety of enlightened spiritual beings.  Some are saints: St. Francis of Assisi, St. Francis Xavier, Saint Rita of Cascia, King Solomon. Some were physicians and people of distinction in their lifetimes: Dr. Augusto de Almeida, a physician and Brazilian military officer; Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, a Brazilian physician who is credited with producing vaccines against the bubonic plague, yellow fever, and smallpox; Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, a physician and politician, a member of the Spiritist movement, known for his charitable works; Dr. José Valdivino, a physician who often assists with family issues and possesses an energy that is powerful in healing paraplegics.

John of God’s devotion to his life’s mission, his willingness to work as a  spiritual channel, enables the loving and helping Entities of Light to minister to those who come to the Casa de Dom Inacio in search of a cure.

Spiritual Energy Healing by Healing Channels DomInaciojpg - The Casa and Healing Entities
Dom Inacio de Loyola
Spiritual Energy Healing by Healing Channels bezerra 1 - The Casa and Healing Entities
Dr. Bezerra de Menezes
Spiritual Energy Healing by Healing Channels dr jose valdevino 1 - The Casa and Healing Entities
Dr. Jose Valdevino
Spiritual Energy Healing by Healing Channels 3246138994 f03c9bcf02 b - The Casa and Healing Entities
Dr. Augusto de Almeida
Spiritual Energy Healing by Healing Channels ed6c58 0f4a15799f26a7cc56a8dd34a8b4e161.jpg 1024 - The Casa and Healing Entities
Dr. Oswaldo Cruz


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