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“Such blessed time spent with a wonderful and gifted healer.”

That describes my sentiment about the power of Rosa’s presence during our time together.  Her radiance and goodness makes her such a pure channel of light and love.  For me, her healing energy has been like  the hand of spirit guiding me to the heart of my struggle or pain.  Through our light filled sessions with beautiful images and colors, I have often experienced such a lifting of heaviness or darkness, only to be replaced with a clarity of vision and a deep sense of knowing.  She is so in sync not only with where I am but where I need to be.

Serious illness is a daunting task to face.  It creates an openness to spirit that we may never have experienced otherwise.  Rosa listens with such genuine intention and responds with such love and compassion.  She engenders trust in this beautiful process and has helped me take the next spiritual step so many times along the way.  She has been a link in helping me find my spiritual clarity.  Her powerful insight and energy has served as a crucial bridge between earth and spirit as I continue to understand the journey of my soul.

A Linden, New York

“We Needed Help from a Higher Power. Thank you sweet Rosa.”

My sister, Barbara was diagnosed with lung cancer and had gone through two series of chemo treatments when she was told there wasn’t anything else they (the doctors) could do for her. Needless to say that was a shock to us all. After all, medicine is supposed to fix what’s wrong with us and there wasn’t anything else to be done to heal her. We needed help from a higher power.

I have known Rosa since 2004 and turned to her for higher power help for my sister. Rosa was kind enough to do a distance healing for us over the phone. Although we were 3,000 miles apart the spiritual connection between my sister Barbara and Rosa was wonderful.

With Rosa’s spiritual assistance Barbara immediately experienced peace and a sweet and gentle  calmness washed across her face. After that Barbara was able to speak openly about passing over without fear. What a blessing for my sister and our whole family- Thank you sweet Rosa! Her passing was done easily and without fear of the unknown.

A short time after my sister passed I was fortunate enough to have a distance healing session with Rosa to ‘follow up’ on my mourning process.

Rosa told me my sister was “just fine” and she wanted me to “get on with my life”. What a comfort to hear one of my favorite people was “just fine” on the other side.

C. Farrell, Oregon

“Rosa being a most loved and chosen Daughter of the Casa (Brazil) was referred to me and has been an invaluable part of my healing journey to wellness.”

Rosa is an essential part of my healing. She is a clear channel and amazes me with her accuracy and insight. When I first went to her I didn’t tell her much- In fact I was quiet. She calmed me immediately with her sweet presence and grace. I knew I could trust her and tell her anything. Some people have this gift and she certainly does: the moment I looked into her eyes I felt it. I was in a safe place with a gifted and knowledgeable healer. A lot of healing energy is through the clearing and restoration of the chakras. I feel these energy centers open and spin when Rosa works with me. The crystal bed has a major effect on me, opening up stuck energy, releasing stored feelings and thoughts. When Rosa is near me, I feel her helping me, guiding me with what I really need help with. I feel energy holding my hands and stroking my head. There are feelings of movement and opening. I remember some things I have forgotten. I sense movement and a sacred presence supporting me.

Sometimes in life, we get stuck. An excellent healer can touch this negative energy and allow a healing light to enter into dark places no one can see, but we may feel inside.

When we finish there is no question that a lot has been accomplished. I am relaxed and at peace. I have only felt this way at the Casa (Brazil) and with Rosa. She gives me holy water to drink and I know she has helped me from her heart. We talk about the session, she passes on information that I need to hear in order to progress and continue to heal in every way — spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I have learned my body and emotions have led me to a healer for a reason. I am forever grateful to John of God, the Casa Entities, Rosa and my Sweet Jesus for a chance to live this beautiful life. It’s only just begun!

D Cooper, New Jersey

“I’ve had such an amazing journey with Rosa in the last year; it’s hard to know what to share to convey how much my life has changed working with her.”

I first came to visit Rosa on the suggestion of a friend. I had a dire medical condition that did not improve by traditional Western medicine. They (my physicians) were doing the best they could with the tools they had but I was told my condition would not improve, they had no idea why I had it, and the only solution was to slow down my pace and live with it. I felt like they were talking about someone else- that poor person! As I tried to make sense of it all I began to realize there must be an emotional reason for my illness, as my physicians couldn’t find a physical one. I believe the world makes perfect sense if you step back and allow the energetic flow of life to rejuvenate you, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. I intuitively knew this but Rosa helped me actualize and manifest this knowing into my life in very real way.

It started very simply with appointments where Rosa would journey with discarnate spirits (Entities) and give me messages and do hands-on energy work. I found this to be very interesting and I always felt better afterwards but on the 4th visit – WOW. I arrived at Rosa’s with what I called my “TB” breathing rattle. I don’t have “TB” but it used to sound like that. During that session Rosa, and this is my interpretation, pulled out excess energy from my lungs. I woke up the next morning for the first time in over a year without rattling. I can’t tell you I know exactly what occurred but I can tell you I LOVED the results. Rosa suggested books and I read them. A whole world opened up to me that I didn’t know existed- what a pleasure to read all these interesting concepts. And I particularly liked that I didn’t need to judge it, as anything- Real/not real, it just didn’t matter- it was manifesting healing in my life.

After reading several books on Soul Retrieval I felt, as did Rosa, that this might help me. My husband had several friends come to emotionally/spiritually/energetically support me. Rosa led the Soul Retrieval Journey and as she explained what she found it all made perfect sense to me. And towards the end when she blew the retrieved parts back in through the lungs and crown chakra it truly felt as if missing pieces of my personal puzzle had just been put back. With this my body took a giant step forward in health.

In the last 6 months I have added working with a homeopathic doctor. I am very pleased to say that Rosa makes this and any other medical choices I make complementary with her work rather than at odds.

With Rosa, I feel like I have an incredible, energetic, spiritual source helping me directly with my health and explaining aspects of life I didn’t knew existed- Thank you Rosa.

L Casson, New York

“Rosa is able to tap into the Universe that is around us, but which very few are fully aware of, and she uses her gifts for the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of others.”

Rosa is a person who is able to harness healing energy from a realm that most of us are not even area exits. My wife Lee and I visited Rosa the first time in the hope that Rosa could help Lee with a chronic and debilitating lung condition that a top pulmonary lung specialist said would ultimately require a double lung transplant. This gave me tremendous stress and worry and I’m not a person who deals with stress very easily or effectively. I’ve had countless nights where anxiety kept me awake all night long.

From that first visit, although I was a bystander in her healing room, I received a calming energy that flowed across the room from the crystal bed where Rosa was treating Lee. It filled my entire body. I was a skeptic going there but something was happening and I was just on ‘the sidelines’. Since that first visit I’ve seen Rosa several times myself and each visit I left with a deep sense of calm-my sleep is better than its been in years. Lee’s health has improved dramatically but that’s her story to tell.

Other experiences I’ve had while laying on the crystal bed seem even more unbelievable but I can attest they happened. For instance, Rosa channeled spirits that had crossed over. If I hadn’t experienced it myself firsthand, there is no way I would have believed it. But the experiences were too intimate to be anything but communication with those who I dearly knew in this world that had crossed over into the next realm.

Another time Rosa invited us to a drumming circle. During the drumming we were all in a deep meditation and Rosa instructed us to call in those who would bring us to our Higher Consciousness. Still skeptical, I started “imagining” images of Jesus and Gandhi and I began to hear what seemed like Native American chanting in the distance. That was no big deal but when our session ended Rosa said something to the effect, “That was wild,Jesus and Gandhi were here and did you hear that chanting?” So now I’m thinking she’s a mind reader- but Rosa say’s she’s not, she just a medium. (I’ve asked her this several times!) Since that time I’ve lost my skepticism and have seen Rosa many times. Each session has brought me tremendous insights.

J Casson, New York

“Working with Rosa in a channeled healing session was one of the most powerfully moving, enlightening and positive gifts I’ve ever given to myself.”

As with most things in life, Rosa and I crossed paths by what seemed like chance; although I’m certain it was anything but chance.  At the time I had been dealing with 4+ unsuccessful years of infertility and all the treatments associated, miscarriage, and a lot of heartbreak.  I’d also sought out alternative means of therapy such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, crystal healing and the list goes on.

Once I met Rosa something inside told me she could help, but little did I know that this chance meeting would change my life forever. Then I learned of the healing sessions, Rosa’s association with The Entities of John of God, the Crystal Bed Therapy, and I needed to understand more.  I can describe one of my sessions as a healing, soulful journey where Rosa, your shamanic guide, travels alongside with you. I always felt safe and aware, but what I was experiencing was almost other-worldy. The journey takes you to places that only you are meant to see and experience. When complete, you can literally feel the purge of all things toxic from your body; emotional, spiritual and then of course physical.  I left each session a little lighter, a lot happier and little did I know, a lot more fertile.  Fast forward 7 months or so since my last session and I am now for the first time in my life, 6 months pregnant and as healthy as can be. I’d finally let go of my past spiritual burdens that I believe were directly linked to my infertility.  I give credit and gratitude to Rosa Haritos, along with the help of The Entities for my successful pregnancy!

I recommend this healing to anyone who needs to find their way, is doing some soul-searching or has health problems of any sort.  My only complaint is that I didn’t find Rosa sooner, but all things come to us in due time.  Thank you Rosa!  You’ll be dear to me in my heart and soul forever.

E. Sanfiz, Rutherford, New Jersey

“I always feel safe working with her.”

I met Rosa at the Casa of Dom Inácio on a mutual trip to Brazil in 2004. Immediately in our conversations, I noticed that she radiated pure joy, love and a passion for life. When I spend time with Rosa, whether in Brazil, New York, or talk to her on the telephone from a distance, I always sense the incredible beauty emanating from her smile, and the beaming shine of knowingness in her eyes. Her words are ripe with wisdom and insight that are a gift to all who know her. For these reasons, I always feel safe working with her. I have had the honor of sharing a devoted friendship as well as being a recipient of her amazing healing energy. Rosa’s divine connection and her inner spark have rescued me numerous times from physical, emotional and spiritual despair. Whether clearing my body of physical pain, or my house from scattered energy, or helping my mother and I confront her illness, she has always been there when I needed her. Rosa is one of my guardian angels on this earth realm.

My deepest and most profound spiritual experience has been losing my mother from the physical realm this past summer. Rosa did everything to help prepare both my mother and I for her soul to cross over to the light. When my mother’s heart rate went up to 150 in the hospital I could call Rosa and she would direct me how to use my own healing energy and work in tandem to calm my mother and bring her heart rate back to normal. She helped soften my grief, as I knew I was losing my mother from this earth plane. Rosa sent beautiful white roses to my mother’s memorial service for her because she knew that she loved them. Rosa is devoted to healing all her clients on all levels, and she will nurture and send love that one will be astounded by. She is a powerful healing force, an earth angel, and I am grateful to the Divine Creator to be privy to the grace of this wonderful woman, who I call my ‘beautiful flower Rosa.’ Thank you Rosa for being such a gift in my life.



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