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I offer potential new clients a free consultation. Consults give you a sense of how I work and what is involved in an energy session; they help me assess what healing modality would be most helpful for you. Energy sessions involve – but are not limited to- any of the following:

  • Physical ailments/issues regarding health 
  • Counseling and healing around longstanding illness, death of loved ones (including suicide), energetic uncording from others (both living and those who’ve passed on) 
  • Emotional wellbeing: areas where you feel stuck and unable to move through anger, frustration, sorrow. This includes wellbeing around finances, career, relationships.
  • A deep sense of knowing something is ‘off’: where you know something needs to come into alignment but you are unsure as to how to proceed
  • Desire to move further along on your spiritual path
  • Spirit attachments; house/business/land clearing; ancestral lineage; past life issues and karmic healing
  • Soul loss: power animal retrieval, Soul Retrieval preparatory work 
  • A passed on loved one who is coming forth with information for you

I do not need a life history or review of current circumstances for the consultation. You simply share what emotions/situations you’ve been facing. As you speak, I scan your body and tune into your physical/emotional/mental pain. When I hear questions from my guides or Source, I will interrupt and share what I am told and ask further questions. I am shown specific situations, individuals, time lines (weeks, months, or years) and/or ages that are linked to ongoing issues you are experiencing. (This is very common when a client needs Soul Retrieval work) It is different with each client and I ask that you are open to the process. There is some degree of energy work involved and I will always ask your permission before I proceed. The consult is 30 minutes in length and I will call you at an assigned date and time. 

Consultations are free of charge and you are in no way obligated to schedule an energy session.

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By visiting this website, scheduling a consultation or appointment, and or booking a session with Healing Channels /Rosa Haritos PhD, you understand and agree that Rosa Haritos PhD is a medical sociologist, healing medium, shamanic practitioner, but not a physician, psychotherapist, or other licensed professional. Her advice, healing sessions, workshops, are offered to supplement Western and Traditional medical protocols. Please consult your physician or other licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological conditions you may be experiencing. 

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