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Crystal Light Therapy in Boulder, Colorado
John of God Crystal Bed Therapy, sometimes referred to as Crystal Light Therapy, is an energy healing modality used at The Casa de Dom Inácio (The Casa) in Brazil. At the Casa, the Entity will often prescribe a Crystal Bed session as part of an individuals’ healing protocol. This therapy is an avenue to:
  • Chakra balancing
  • Detoxification of mind and body
  • Promote emotional and physical healing and restoration
  • Deepen connections to insights offered by spiritual realms
  • Continue the healing started at the Casa de Dom Inácio

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Your John of God Crystal Bed Therapy Healing experience

Crystal Light Therapy is offered in our Boulder, Colorado office. You will lie on a bed with seven specially cut crystals that are suspended above you, positioned 12 inches above each of the major chakras of the body. You lay under the John of God Crystal Bed Therapy lights with a small cloth over your eyes while listening to soothing music.

Light flows through each crystal in alternating patterns and generates a field of energy from the root to the crown chakra. The crystals produce a stable, consistent stream of energy that raises the body’s vibrational frequency by interacting with the water in the body’s cells. This vibrational frequency, in turn, increases the surface tension in each cell and the bonding properties of water in the tissues and organs of the body. The energy stream serves to amplify the body’s natural systemic functions for increased physical, emotional, and mental health.

John of God Crystal Bed  Therapy is a portal through which distance healing is made possible by The Casa Entities. It promotes energy healing and is tailored to your individual healing. Each session is unique and people report a variety of experiences.

John of God Crystal Bed Therapy Benefits
  • A tangible awareness that a presence is working on the body- experienced either as heat, movement, or tingling sensations
  • Feelings of great expansion in areas of the body where there was severe constriction
  • Insights into past behavioral issues and the causes of ill health
  • Release of hurtful/harmful memories and emotions
  • Feelings of relaxation and peace
  • A deep, restful sleep

As a Daughter of the Casa – a healing channel – Rosa Haritos, Ph.D., CHt creates a sacred space at her Boulder, Colorado office through which the Entities of Light are able to come and assist you in your healing process while adhering to The Casa protocol:

  • The Casa prayers are read at the beginning and end of each day the John of God Crystal Bed is in use
  • A session is either 20, 40 or 60 minutes in length
  • You are alone in the healing room and lay under the John of God Crystal Bed Lights, listening to The Casa music, as Rosa sits outside in silent prayer.
  • At the end of the session, you are offered a glass of blessed holy water from The Casa.

It is advisable to limit caffeine 24 hours before and after each session and to drink sufficient amounts of water after the session, to assist in the release of toxins and residual energies from the body. Wear comfortable, light colored clothing for the session: no black, navy, dark brown.

The crystal bed has a major effect on me, opening up stuck energy, releasing stored feelings and thoughts. I feel energy holding my hands and stroking my head. There are feelings of movement and opening. I feel safe in knowing Rosa holds that sacred space as The Entities support me.

– J. Casson, NY

I received a calming energy that flowed from the crystal bed. I was a skeptic going there but something was happening. Since that first visit I’ve seen Rosa several times myself and each visit I left with a deep sense of calm-my sleep is better than its been in years.

– K. Christen, CA

A Closer look at a John of God Crystal


“The Casa crystals are imbued with the healing light and energy of the Spirits of The Casa de Dom Inácio, in Abadiânia Brazil. On my second trip to The Casa in 2005, I had purchased a large, smoky quartz crystal and placed it in my healing room. One night after my evening meditations, I sat with the intention of having the Compassionate Spirits of The Casa show me the healing power of the crystal. I sat and meditated until I felt a very strong presence in the room and I began to take photographs. I uploaded them onto my computer and then saw the shafts of light emanating from the crystal.”  – Rosa

Many have photographed crystals from The Casa and have seen similar rays of light. The photos are sometimes referred to as “Spirit Photos”. To view the entire series of photos taken that evening, please see below…


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