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Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays are Casa days, where we go to the Casa as a group and prepare for the day while waiting in silent meditation in the Great Hall. This is where our work truly begins as the Entities of light are present and already working with us, assisting us to open our hearts, silence our minds as gently move inward, focusing on what we wish to bring into our lives and what we are ready to release.

Spiritual Energy Healing , John of God , & Soul Retrieval by Healing Channels transhorz - Additional Information
Spiritual Energy Healing , John of God , & Soul Retrieval by Healing Channels transhorz - Additional Information

Morning sessions begin at 7:30am and afternoon sessions at 2:30pm. Group prayers are offered to help us focus and center. We also hear inspirational talks and healing stories of fellow Casa travelers. On these days there are a number of options available to us, depending on where we are in our healing protocol: we may stand in line, waiting to go before the Entity with our healing requests; we may sit with focused attention in the current rooms;  we may receive spiritual interventions; we may be told by the Entity to have crystal bed therapy sessions, or visit the sacred Casa waterfall.. These days are quite intense and  filled with powerful healing energies. At the end of each day we meet as a group to discuss the day’s events. Rosa is also available for daily private meetings to discuss anything that has come up for you during these sessions and assists you in preparing for what is to come.

Saturday to Tuesday are down time days, equally important for our healing. These are the days where we begin to integrate our healing experiences and allow them to unfold.  Rest is key during these days and the schedule is tailored to individual needs. If you’ve received spiritual intervention you will most likely be resting in your room; you will have the opportunity to schedule crystal bed sessions; you may visit the Casa grounds and meditate at the Overlook; you may wish to attend the evening Rosary prayers. There is also time for more social activities: helping the Casa de Dom Inacio kitchen staff chop vegetables for blessed soup and visiting the Casa Bookstore and local shops. We will have the opportunity to visit the sacred Casa Waterfall during this time, if this is part of your healing regimen. Rest, rest, and more rest are the keywords for these days for when our eyes are closed, the Entities of Light continue to work with us on our personal healing.

Spiritual Energy Healing , John of God , & Soul Retrieval by Healing Channels transhorz - Additional Information

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