Spiritual Energy Healing , John of God , & Soul Retrieval by Healing Channels equilibrium 300x203 - Healing through Equilibrium at the 2017 Omega EventIn a year that has shown to be strained and divisive around the world, it was especially valuable and uplifting to experience healing at the John of God Event, October 3-5, at the Omega Institute Rhinebeck, New York campus. For the ninth year, Omega Institute CEO Skip Backus and his amazing staff welcomed John of God (João Teixeira de Faria) back to Rhinebeck. The campus was a sea of white as approximately 1,600 people gathered each day to receive spiritual blessings, interventions, and a chance to sit in Current.

The John of God Omega event is an exceptional experience. It is particularly unique as it is the only event in North America that John of God, one of the world’s most revered healers, attends. The Omega campus, a picturesque 80 acres of tranquility, offered just the right atmosphere and opportunity for all of us to receive messages of hope alongside deep spiritual healing.  

A large, white main tent on the Omega campus served as a daily gathering place for attendees to be inspired by healing testimonials and offered opportunities for prayer, reflection, and meditation, as everyone waited patiently for the day’s lines to be called. As always, participants were given the opportunity to personally meet John of God and receive guidance and healing through the Entities.

Currents were very strong at this year’s event and people gathered with great hope and open hearts. As many as 500 spiritual interventions were performed per day. Dr. Augusto de Almeida, Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, St. Francis Xavier, Jose Freitas and St. Francis of Assisi were the recognizable Healing Entities of Light incorporated by John of God during the event. But as we know, there are hundreds, if not thousands of helping spirits in the group consciousness that were present at all times during the event.

The keyword for this event was equilibrium – to disengage from turbulent emotions and find an emotional balance. Each Entity who came through asked us to reflect upon this state and its critical importance to our healing process: to accept what is good and bad within ourselves, within our world, and hold that with equanimity. Never an easy task, but we were offered tremendous help during the event to find that new balance point.

Throughout the event, the Entities reminded us again and again that everything is possible, that it is never too late to heal all infirmities; to remember that spiritual work is an ongoing process that continues on the other side. During a morning session, Dr. Augusto de Almeida’s voice resonated through the Main Hall, reminding us that Medium João is here to help us strengthen our faith and our connection to God. He also shared, there is no greater protection than love. There was a profound silence in the hall as this simple yet powerful revelation brought participant to tears.

A unique moment of witnessing healing and great love occurred when the Entity took crutches (walking sticks as he calls them) from two men who were waiting in line to be seen by John of God. He asked everyone to open their eyes and witness what He was doing.

After taking away their crutches The Entity told them, “never, ever, are you to use the walking sticks again. Now walk as I do.” The Entity proceeded to walk through the main hall, crutches held high in his right hand, leading this procession: the two men in tow, Heather Cumming, and others trailing behind. Occasionally the Entity would look back, assessing their progress, and said, ‘No, higher; raise your knees higher and walk like me” as the Entity demonstrated what marching looked like.

He then led this procession out to the tented area, marched them through those who were waiting in prayer, and then marched back into the main hall amidst cheers of joy. Every person in the main hall joined hands, in awe of what they were witnessing; exchanging looks and gasps of amazement. Then the Entity asked them to sit in Current as He continued his work. He walked to the entrance and looked at each participant as they walked through the line: nodding compassionately, inviting each person to either sit in Current or go for a special intervention. The care of His loving gaze was felt by everyone patiently waiting to be seen.

As with all previous John of God Omega Events, I had the honor to serve as Lead Medium in the Infirmary. I am filled with awe and gratitude to have the opportunity to continue my service, alongside my Casa brothers and sisters, and help those who seek assistance in their journeys to health and wholeness.

I know it is not always easy to face our fears in our quests for healing: surrendering patterns of struggle and despair takes courage. Each year, I am humbled to serve and grateful to receive such inspiration as I witness the many healing transformations at this event.   

This year’s feelings and energy ran high as we realized we were offering healing energy not only for ourselves but for our homes, our communities, our planet. Reflecting back on the message of this event – equilibrium – our work now is to re-enter our lives with that new sense of harmony and continue our work.  How?  By making time in our daily lives for reflection and prayer:  as we did at Omega, as we do when we visit The Casa in Brazil.

So, I share with you what we were instructed to do: grow still, turn inward, dedicate at least 30 minutes per day (The Entity said an hour, but 30 minutes is a good place to start!) and connect with Source so we may receive healing, love, and equilibrium. As we heal, our communities heal, our planet heals, and we become One unified, radiant, current of love and energy.





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