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Group Healing

Spiritual Energy Infusions

These group energy healing sessions are similar in nature to individual channeled energy sessions. As a medium and spiritual channel, Rosa establishes and maintains a clear connection with Source for all members who are present, offering a strong and steady infusion of divine energy. This service was originally offered to clients to help prepare them for chemotherapy and/or HIV treatment protocols. The groups were then made available for clients who needed additional energetic assistance in navigating difficult and intense physical and emotional issues. These healing sessions offer each participant a level of clearing and releasing of intense emotions, relief from physical pain, and bring clarity, equilibrium and balance.

There is no conversation, detailed notes, or follow up emails. These group spiritual healing sessions are offered on Friday afternoons at a previously agreed upon time. They are remote sessions and offer an affordable and profound opportunity for people to experience healing at their own pace. Once you sign up confirmation and additional information will be sent via email.

Each session lasts for forty (40) minutes and requires a minimum of three and no more than twelve people per session. For more information about joining these group sessions feel free to email me. Sessions will begin Friday, December 3, 2021.

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Fridays at 4pm MT | Minimum of 3 / Maximum of 12 Participants | $80
*need to know by Wednesday Dec. 1 at 5pm MT

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