Divine Feminine Meditation

Embracing a New Divine Feminine: Reassessing Power, Love, and Relationship

This meditation circle is open to participants of the Divine Feminine Workshop that began in March of 2018. It draws upon women’s personal life experiences of the shadow self:  feelings of disempowerment, of being stuck/thwarted and the accompany highly charged emotions that prevent us from authentically stepping into our power.

The circle will draw upon many forms of meditation healing, depending upon the issues raised in the circle: Shamanic journeying, guided visualizations/meditations, automatic writing, and group healing (channeled by Rosa) will be used as tools to access our authentic self, our power, and our gifts. Time will also be spent on learning how ground the new Divine Feminine energy in our lives.

The Divine Feminine Meditation Circle will begin in early Fall 2018, once the Workshop has had another opportunity to be taught in August of 2018. For more information, or if you’d like the Divine Feminine Workshop to be offered in your area, please email Rosa.

Divine Feminine Circle Times and Dates

The Circle will begin in the Fall of 2018. I am still working with input from first workshop participants as to the length of time for the circle:  at present we will be starting with an hour. If topics that come up require more healing and discussion, the Circle may be 1.5 hours. Participants will be required to email their questions and challenges a week before, giving Rosa enough time to meditate on the format and time. All suggestions are welcome. Circles will meet at Eleuthera Court in North Boulder. RSVP is required via email, along with suggestions for each Circle.  

Next Meditation Circle: Fall 2018, after Second Workshop of August 2018


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