Trips to John of God

Join me on a profound spiritual journey where:

  • you will experience infinite healing possibilities
  • where health and faith are restored
  • where mind body and spirit are balanced
  • where you learn to surrender and release holding patterns of struggle and despair.
Your stay at the Casa de Dom Inácio, John of God’s Healing Sanctuary in Abadiânia Brazil, is a rare opportunity for spiritual reflection and deep healing.

My first trip to the Casa was in January 2004 where I was recognized as a healing medium and a Daughter of the Casa. Prior to that life changing trip, I was involved in HIV studies at the Pasteur Institute in France; Stanford and Columbia Universities in the US. At first, I was skeptical about leaving my world in research and academia to enter into a different kind of service. Yet the miracles I experienced and witnessed at the Casa taught me that all physical and emotional illness has a spiritual root cause and the spiritual realms offer genuine, tangible, assistance.

I have made many trips to the Casa since 2004, and served as a medium in the current rooms. It has been my privilege to manage the Infirmary and serve as the Lead medium whenever John of God visits the U.S. and Canada.

It is an honor, as a Casa Certified Guide, to counsel trip participants as they prepare for this sacred journey: from managing the mundane but necessary trip details, to helping you prepare your healing requests, being available to offer support and nurturance in a non-judgmental way, empowering you in going deeper as your healing unfolds. I know the process of surrender can be complex and fearful.  I am here to assist you in turning inward, cultivating the divine light within, that understands an open heart is all we need for true healing.

Tour Logistics

$2000.00 per person for 2 week trip
June 12 -24; October 23 – November 4 2017
June 18-30; July 9-21 2018

Tours Include
  • Pre-tour consultation: tour preparation, instruction on Casa protocols, assistance with airfare, Visa,Travel/Medical Insurance advise
  • Taxi ride to/ from the airport (if you arrive Monday morning and depart Saturday with group **)
  • Single person occupancy, private bath, at Hotel San Raphael for 13 days/12 nights. Rooms are cleaned daily; beds have firm mattresses with box spring. Free wifi internet access.
  • 3 healthy, delicious, buffet meals per day: vegetarian options are available
  • Orientation tour of the Casa
  • Group & individual meetings to discuss your experiences, concerns, and healing progress
  • One crystal bed session
  • One case of Blessed Water (6 large bottles)
  • Escort to the Entity with requests
  • Taxi to hotel after Spiritual Intervention
  • Taxi to and from the Sacred Waterfall
  • Donation to the Casa

** If your arrival/departure time is different from the group, I can arrange for a taxi and you will be responsible for payment.
As a Casa Certified Guide, I follow the Standards of Independent Guides recognized by The Casa.

Not Included
  • Airfare
  • Visa and Passport expenses
  • Trip/Medical insurance
  • Herbs, as prescribed by the Entities
  • Blessed water
  • Crystal bed sessions/Energetic Massages (If Entities advises)
  • Taxi to and from the airport if not traveling with the group
  • Hotel staff gratuities
  • Laundry service

To reserve your space, click below for application form and Rosa will call you back and review the application process and payment method for $500 deposit. Upon receipt of your deposit Rosa will then email an application packet to you. You may also call Rosa at (303) 482-2789 or email


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