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This energy healing modality, referred to asLife Between Lives Spiritual Regression (LBL), is the culmination of a lifetime of research by Dr. Michael Newton, the founder of the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Dr. Newton developed a highly specialized technique of assisting individuals to access the spiritual realm we return to as we wait for our next incarnation. Through a carefully monitored, deep trance state of hypnosis, an individual is able to access information about life and the afterlife:


  • Who am I ? What is my life’s purpose?
  • What is life like in the spiritual realms?
  • What are my life lessons? How well am I adhering to my spiritual path?
  • Who are my spiritual guides? Will I be reunited with family and friends who have already crossed over?

During the session I guide you through a series of past life regressions:

  • Early childhood memories
  • Experiences in the womb
  • A past life experience and death experience
  • A journey to the void: the place in-between the worlds where a spirit goes before his/her next incarnation.

Spiritual Regression Therapy helps you understand the nature of your Soul.

As you move deeper into the spirit realms, to the in-between-place between each life, you experience yourself as spirit and gain a deep understanding into the immortal nature of your Soul. Immediate energetic and spiritual healing is available to you.

Answers to specific life questions are often readily available:

  • why choose a specific life challenge
  • what soul lessons are to be learned in this present incarnation
  • what are your spiritual gifts and how can you use these gifts in your present life
  • who are members your ‘soul group’
  • an opportunity to visit to the Akashic Records and speak with the Council of Elders for a life review

This process can last from 3-4 hours and is dependent upon a number of factors, including a client’s susceptibility to the deep trance work required for a Spiritual Regression Therapy session. There is quite a bit of preparation involved:

  • a list of individuals that play a role in your life- referred to as a cast of characters
  • a detailed list of questions you wish to ask during the session
  • a past life regression session with me before we enter into the Spiritual Regression session

Is this particular healing modality as powerful, rich in detail, and informative as the experiences of the shamanic journey and healing channeled sessions? The answer is a resounding YES.

I was fascinated by Dr. Newton’s work and had completed the pre-requisite courses in hypnotherapy with one of Newton’s students Paul Aurand, who offered the first LBL training in New York. During the course of the LBL training, I was asked to volunteer for our class demonstration. My first trip to The Casa was six months earlier and I thought I had a good understanding of my life’s work and purpose. I was unprepared for the deep level of connection to Spirit and the powerful emotions that flooded my body as I accepted my mission as a medium. I vividly remember the profound sense of peace and love I experienced while standing before the Council of Elders with my Spirit Guide. I was told “you have done so well”, and my life’s purpose was as ‘a healing channel’. And oh yes, my life lesson? –Forgiveness.

The message from the Council of Elders: “When she connects through love, she trusts the connections she makes with us; she separates when she doesn’t forgive and then she is unable to trust her spiritual connection”.