Shamanic Healing and Mending the Soul

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Shamanic Healing and Mending the Soul
Polar Bear by Sue Coccia

The word ‘shaman’ comes from the Turkic, Turko-Mongol and Tungusic cultures of ancient Siberia. It refers to an individual who travels into spiritual realms and receives information about healing the spirit through: divination, returning lost souls, cleansing excess negative energies, restoring balance to individuals and their communities.

Shamanism is comprised of a range of beliefs and practices concerned with communicating with the spirit world. It is not a religion but an ancient method of spiritual healing that addresses the spiritual aspect of illness.

Shamans are intermediaries between the physical and spirit realms and treat illness by mending the soul. By drumming and rattling, they alter their consciousness and journey to the spirit realms for the purposes of healing or divination: this altered state is referred to as the ‘shamanic journey’. Once the problem is identified the goal is to restore balance and vitality to an individual, their family or community.

From this perspective, illness is caused by:

  • A loss of power: resulting in depression, chronic illness, or a series of life misfortunes, remedied by a power animal retrieval
  • A loss of essence: resulting in a piece of one’s vital essence (soul) being lost due to physical or emotional traumas, such as suicide, abuse, accidents, surgery, long standing illness, remedied by a soul retrieval
  • A spiritual blockage or intrusion: where a foreign energy enters an individual who is in a state of soul or power loss. As a result this energy is lodged in an area of the body and must be cleared so harmony can be restored, remedied by a clearing or removal of spirit entity.

To effectively cure the root cause of illness, heal soul traumas, release patterns of suffering, health is restored in the following ways:

Power Animal Retrieval: Spirits who are willing to devote themselves to the betterment of our lives by becoming our spiritual allies and offering us their power. When we are faced with what feels like a difficult or dangerous time in our life, a power animal retrieval restores well being by imbuing us with an animals particular strengths, knowledge, and talents. We are invited to forge an enduring relationships with our power animal through meditation or rituals, as revealed in the power animal retrieval journey.

Soul Retrieval: This process restores the use and ownership of our vital essence (a soul part) that has separated from us due to a perceived traumatic experience. The soul part flees in order to survive the experience as a means of self-preservation. Our gifts, abilities, skills, and often memories of the trauma are gone and we experience this loss in very real ways; some common examples:

  • something feels ‘missing’ from our life – we are in a perpetual state of being detached from life
  • depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction(s), prolonged chronic illness or grief
  • post traumatic stress syndrome, immune deficiency disorders
  • difficulty in navigating life
  • the feeling “I have not been the same since….”

The shamanic practitioner uses drumming or rattling to enter into an altered state of consciousness and travels to the spirit realms to heal the trauma and retrieve lost soul parts. They are returned to the individual, free of the originating trauma. Once returned, an individual is able to reconnect with their gifts, fully restored to a state of well being and wholeness.

What might a Soul Retrieval look like? Click here for an example..

Healing Extraction: This healing removes displaced energy from the body- a foreign energy that has occupied a person’s auric field, often experienced as a constant pain or discomfort, or literally an energy blockage in the body. This is energy that interferes with your power and the extraction simply removes this displaced energy and returns it safely to Source.

Removal of Spirit Entities: When a person suffers from any of the above forms of illness they may become susceptible to energies that are not their own- referred to as suffering beings or Entities. (Sometimes these energies are in the form of recurring, negative thoughts, or even energetic thoughts directed to us by others.) These beings feed off an individual’s personal energy and may influence them in a variety of ways. Often experienced as a lack of energy, depression, anxiety or other negative emotions, we may assume these emotions or behaviors are our own. Usually these suffering beings are people whose own death experience was derailed and were unable to successfully journey into the Light. Removal of these suffering beings is an opportunity to assist them to cross into the Light and continue on their spiritual journey.