Channeled & Distance Healing

Energetic healing directly from the spiritual realms to help you understand how your beliefs and behaviors are the source of your ailments and how to overcome obstacles to heal emotional, mental, and physical illness.

Shamanic Healing

An ancient method of spiritual healing that effectively releases patterns of suffering to restore health and vitality.

Soul Retrieval

A powerful life-changing process where life traumas are healed, the essence of who you are- your Soul – is returned to you, as are the gifts and skills you were born with, restoring you to health and wholeness.

John of God Crystal Bed

An energy healing modality that restores emotional and physical healing by balancing chakras, detoxifying mind and body, deepening the connection to spiritual realms.

Spiritual Regression LBL

A carefully monitored, deep trance state of hypnosis, providing access to information from past lives, current life lessons and spiritual gifts, and the Soul’s purpose.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Many cultures recognize and use sound and vibration to achieve balance in the body to facilitate profound energy and spiritual healing.


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