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João Texeira de Faria, known as John of God or Medium João, is one of the most powerful full-trance medium spiritual healers in the world. He is able to separate his consciousness from his body and allow disembodied spirits, called Entities, to work through him to produce cures by performing visible and invisible surgeries. His work is free of charge and people from all over the world come to his spiritual healing sanctuary, the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia Brazil.

There are many reasons for a visit:  incurable or terminal illness, assistance with mental and emotional issues, and or spiritual guidance,  Whatever the reason, those who have made this journey agree their lives have been positively impacted and greatly transformed. They describe a sense of greater well being, clarity, and peace and most continue to make this journey year after year.

Medium João was born into a poor family in central Brazil, left home at an early age, and became an apprentice tailor. Unable to find steady work he often sought manual labor jobs as he traveled within the interior of Brazil. One day, near the outskirts of a small town, João stopped by a river to bathe and recalls seeing a beautiful woman who called him by name. She appeared in a radiant shaft of light and instructed him to visit a nearby spiritist center. When he arrived there he was exhausted, hungry, and lost consciousness. Several hours later he awoke and was told he had incorporated the Entity King Solomon and over fifty people had been healed. Later, he realized that the beautiful woman at the river was the spirit of St. Rita of Cascia.


Soon afterwards,  Medium João dedicated his life to a new mission: to serve God and humanity by being a conduit for a host of benevolent Entities. John of God says that he himself has no special healing abilities and it is only God who heals:  it is the Entities of light, working through him, that offer cures.

Those of us who travel to the Casa de Dom Inacio are given a rare opportunity to engage with these loving Healing Entities of Light and receive infinite healing. Often a new sense of faith is restored, we learn to surrender and release holding patterns of struggle and despair, and find a new level of balance of mind, body, and spirit.


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