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John of God Casa Meditation Nights

Prayer and the Current: Union, Purpose, Fellowship

For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.  Matthew 18:20

When we gather in prayer during Casa meditation sessions we hold a mutual understanding that our common purpose is to direct and focus our thoughts on love, compassion and charity. Our intention is to open our hearts to these feelings as they generate a current of energy to which the loving and compassionate Spirits of the Casa de Dom Inacio respond: they come and share their healing power and energy for our well being. This healing energy flows and unites us in fraternity and fellowship: this is the key for the work. When we become a single heart, the Entities of Light are able to use the energy generated from this current for our healing, our highest good, the good of this planet and for humanity. It is important to remember we are not the ones who direct how this energy will be used: it is the Spirits of the Casa, as the pure representatives of our Creator, that will direct the use of this energy. We, by focusing on love and opening our hearts, surrender and literally become channels of light simply by holding our intention on love and knowing we are all One during this time. This is why we do not cross our arms or legs during the meditation, or focus on our own issues and problems during the current: these actions separate us from one another and lessen the healing power of the current.

All John of God Circle Times and Dates

All circles are one hour and begin promptly at 7:00pm at my home in North Boulder. Please RSVP via email if you plan on attending as I need to make arrangements for chairs and space!

John of God Meditation:  Please come dressed in white or as near white as possible.