Dissolving Fear through Love: A Meditation

Healing heart

Dear Rosa,

These past weeks I have been noticing a lot of fear coming up in my life. Sometimes I know exactly what the fear is but lately I don’t. I feel anxious, on edge and really tired. I just can’t get rid of it. Any help you can offer?

Rosa’s Response:

Have you tried loving your fear? Not trying to sense the fear itself, not identifying it, or trying to will it away, just sending it love? Try this meditation as a remedy for fear.

Fear is universal:  we all know what fear ‘feels like’ and we usually know where we hold it in our bodies. While there are many ways that we can work on healing fear, a simple method is to locate it in our body and then send it love. It requires us to simply step back and notice the fear, the first step in understanding we are not our fear. Once we identify what it feels like and where it lives, we can dissolve fear. And then we can fill ourselves with Light and replenish our Spirit.

Feel free to listen to the following meditation that walks you through the fear to a space of love and peace within your Soul. The original meditation, from my 2008 Workshop (Dissolving Fear) runs for 35 minutes. Below is a shortened version, about 15 minutes.

The music track is Temple Gardens, by Thaddeus http://www.orindaben.com/catalog/prodno/ms201/