Healing Channels

Create an authentic alliance with the spiritual realms
and experience the unlimited healing power of your Soul.
Realize the full potential of your body’s healing process.

Spiritual Regression

A carefully monitored, deep trance state of hypnosis,
providing access to information from past lives,
current life lessons and spiritual gifts, and the Soul’s purpose.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Many cultures recognize and use sound and vibration
to achieve balance in the body to facilitate profound
energy and spiritual healing.

John of God Crystal Bed

An energy healing modality that restores emotional and
physical healing by balancing chakras, detoxifying mind
and body, deepening the connection to spiritual realms.

Soul Retrieval

A powerful life-changing process where life traumas
are healed, the essence of who you are- your Soul- is
returned to you, as are the gifts and skills you were born
with, restoring you to health and wholeness.

Shamanic Healing

An ancient method of spiritual healing that effectively
releases patterns of suffering to restore health
and vitality.

Channeled Healing

Energetic healing directly from the spiritual realms to
help you understand how your beliefs and behaviors
are the source of your ailments and how to overcome
obstacles to heal emotional, mental, and physical illness.



Welcome to Healing Channels,
a place to… Heal your body,
mind, and spirit.

Regain health and wholeness

Begin your spiritual healing now and supplement Western and Traditional medical protocols with safe and effective alternative healing modalities:

• Channeled and Distance Healing
• Shamanic Healing
• John of God Crystal Bed Therapy
• Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy
• Spiritual Regression Therapy

Let me show you how to…

• Experience first hand that we are not alone and the spirit realms work with us to heal our selves, our communities, and our planet.

• Learn safe and effective ways to release thoughts, feelings, and fears that keep us from living a healthy, joyous and authentic life.

• Create an authentic alliance with spiritual realms and experience the unlimited healing power of your Soul.

• Release unhealthy behaviors and patterns of suffering without relinquishing your power.

• Cure physical and emotional illness by healing the imbalance of spirit and energy in yourself.

• Realize the full potential of your body’s natural healing process.


About Rosa

Rosa Haritos, PhD, CHt,

Is a graduate of Barnard College and Columbia University, New York. She was a Andrew Mellon Fellow at Stanford University and has taught and engaged in research studies at several Ivy League Universities and hospitals, the Pasteur Institute in Paris France, and the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland.

Her extensive knowledge in the world of science and medicine works hand in hand with her gifts as a healing medium. She counsels clients in their everyday and spiritual lives as she believes both are vital for an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.


Healing Power

My own understanding of these truths came to me in January of 2004, when I journeyed to Brazil to see the world-renowned healer known as John of God where I learned I was a medium. Up until that time I was a University professor, teaching and doing research in the field of medical sociology.

I immersed myself in the study of alternative healing modalities: Mediumship, Shamanism, Reiki, Past Life and Spiritual Regression. I learned for myself that the spirit realms offer tangible assistance, true healing that works hand in hand with Western medicine. At last I was able to reconcile science and faith.I found that while the form of these healing channels differed, the energy healing was the same. No matter which healing modality was offered, a permanent, authentic healing took place.

I offer you the opportunity to experience this for yourself, to rise above your particular life circumstance and Reclaim your Soul’s healing power. I invite you to explore the various healing channels I offer and see which resonates with you. I ask you to cultivate the spiritual aspect of your self, put it to daily use, and make it an integral part of your life.

Allow me to help you remember the key to health and wholeness comes from aligning with the inherent power of your Soul.